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Gwango's Lonesome Trail

Red Cygnet Press
October 2006
  • Fiction & Literature

Gwango's Lonesome Trail Synopsis

A lonely dinosaur wanders the barren desert of the Southwest, looking for a companion. Each time he thinks he has found a friend, his hopes are dashed. He winds up in an unlikely place, makes an unlikely friend, and finally feels that his life has a sense of purpose.Children's LiteratureIn this tall tale, Gwango is a dinosaur that roams the Southwest looking for a friend like himself. The twist is that it takes place in the present time, and Gwango searches in the "land of empty motels and sad cafes." He meets a lizard, but that doesn't work out because the lizard is offended by Gwango's breath, which reeks of guacamole. Next he meets a bear, but that friendship is curtailed by a sandstorm caused by Gwango wagging his tail. He thinks he finds a friend when he sees a train, but it goes rushing by him. After a few more futile attempts, Gwango goes to a drive-in movie where he meets Sam, a lonely projectionist. Sam is happy to have someone watch his movies, and Gwango is so thrilled about Sam's kindness that Gwango begins to glow. Gwango is such a brilliant spectacle that a grand fiesta is held in his honor. The vivid and fun illustrations capture the scenery and colors of the Southwest. Children will be amused by the quirky surprises throughout the story.

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Gwango's Lonesome Trail

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  • Book Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN-13: 9781601080042
  • ISBN-10: 1601080042
  • Approx Price: $15.95
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